Interesting idea for stag party in Krakow

A good stag night does not need to be an expensive or exotic one. For a relatively cheap price you can make it an unique and compelling day for you and your friends. Do you really want to think about complicated activities, sometimes with the whole course to begin them? Do you want to plan the whole trip to the outskirts, when you have some great ideas in the very center of the city?

While many bachelor parties tend to be unique, people just fancy a good companionship with simple, yet interesting time. With all jokes aside, this is one of the last true parties with all of the freedom attached to it. You want to make it great, but you don’t want to overdo things or you might find your friends going to hotel rooms before midnight.

One of the greatest examples of easy, yet simply awesome experience is axe throwing club. Such places can be found in many cities in Europe, as this old sport of Vikings is getting popular again. In Krakow, you can find a Bad Axe https://madaxe.pl/stag-party/, club specialized in throwing a stag parties. Celebrities tend to try it, famous sportsmen as well. Why? Because it’s both compelling and not complicated. Long courses are not needed, you just need an introduction by one of the instructors. Tracks are exclusive and there is an air conditioning for each one. You’ll be still shining for the party afterwards, you can count on that. Especially because you can bring your own beer, to enjoy it even more or kick start the best pub crawling you could. All of that for a small price. Both in terms of involvement and money.

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